Pastor Olubi Johnson is the President of Christ Life Ministries and Founder/Setman of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lifeforte International High and Junior Schools, Biscordint Travels, and Lifeforte Holdings and Investments. He is also the Nigeria Master Affiliate of the Linux Professional  Institute  (LPI).

Pastor Olubi Johnson is the Chairman Board of Trustees Elyon Koinonia Estate Developers LimitedLiving Mercy Voice Foundation, a charity organization established by Scripture Pasture Christian Centre and Lifeforte Scholarship Foundation.

He attended  the  first secondary school in Nigeria, the prestigious CMS  Grammar School,  Lagos,  graduating  in 1974 with Grade One Distinction in the WASSCE.  Subsequently,  he was admitted to Nigeria’s  premier  institution  of  higher learning,       the    University      of       Ibadan, graduating  in  1978  with  a B.Sc.  First  Class Honours in Physics.

After serving his NYSC in Ikom, in Cross River State,  he proceeded to the prestigious  Imperial  College,  London  in  1979 where  he  studied   for    and  completed   the  course  requirement   for    a postgraduate degree in Communication Engineering.

It  was while  there that he received a divine call to return to Nigeria to teach the undiluted  Word of  God for  the ‘…perfecting  of the saints, for  the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ… (Eph.4:12)’.

Upon his  return to Nigeria,  he served as an assistant  to a Christian  minister and later taught in a secondary school in Oyo  State from 1982-1984.

He returned to his alma-mater, the University of  Ibadan in 1984 to obtain a Masters degree in Solid-State Physics and then became an Assistant Lecturer in the Physics Department. During that period of  time, he co-founded the church  Scripture  Pasture  Christian  Centre  and  began  a  PhD.  program. However, after about six years, he had to set aside his studies   and  teaching   appointment   in   Ul   in   order  to  focus   upon  the burgeoning  responsibilities  of  full time ministry, though he never stopped private research into cutting-edge Computational Theoretical & Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Control Systems.

As the Set man and Senior Pastor of  the church Scripture  Pasture Christian Centre,  Ibadan,  Nigeria,  and President  of  Christ  Life  Ministries,  Pastor Olubi has and continues to minister extensively in churches, seminars, and conventions worldwide.

An anointed  teacher of  the Word of  God with  over 35  years of unblemished ministry  with  an Apostolic  and Prophetic  grace,  his love for  the challenge of research in  cutting-edge  Computational  Theoretical  Physics  led  him, after many years of fruitful ministry, to return to his passion for academic research and attainment,  and  was recently  awarded a PhD.  in  Physics  from  the University  of  Ibadan for  his  dissertation entitled: “Atomistic Simulation and Calculation of  Optoelectronic Properties and  Efficiency of Graphene-Anatase Based Magnesium Perovskite Solar Cell.”

Pastor Johnson is also  the Chairman  of  the Board of  Trustees  of Lifeforte International High and Junior Schools, established in November 1990 with  Pastor (Dr.)  Mrs Sarah Olubi Johnson, his  beloved wife, helpmeet and visioner of the divine success that is the Lifeforte International Schools project. Pastor Sarah is a woman of divine graces who deeply loves God,  is blessed  with  prophetic  graces and has a passion  for  excellence,  and the education and future of Nigeria.

Pastor Johnson is  the Nigeria Master Affiliate of  Linux Professional  Institute  (LPI),  the first  and largest  vendor-neutral  Linux and Open Source certification body in the world.

He ensures  the  growth  and  adoption  of   Linux  Open Source and  Free Software by identifying the best partner organizations for  LPI in Nigeria and English-speaking  West African countries  that are best suited  for  the task of promoting Linux professionalism in the region.

Under his leadership, LPI Nigeria was awarded the fastest growing affiliate in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in its first year.

The  LPI Innovation  Hub (the  first  multi-disciplinary  Hub in  a sub-Saharan African  University  founded  by an Open Source body)  was built  by Pastor Olubi and Sarah Johnson,  in  collaboration  with LPI Global.

Pastor Johnson has a passion  for   young people  and believes  that through the activities  at the LPI Innovation  Hub and the networking  it  will provide,   young  men  and  women  will   be equipped   in   no small   way  to contribute significantly to building of  the immediate community, the larger community and the nation as a whole.

They are blessed with Itunuoluwa and Oluwatosin Sogbetun, Oluwadara and William Treseder, Moyinoluwa, a son, Joshua-Olubi, and three lovely grandchildren;  Zoe-Asta  Treseder,  Johan-Olubi  Treseder  and Joshua Oluwasanjo Sogbetun.


Pastor Sarah Olubi Johnson, a hand-maiden of the LORD with prophetic grace, and her husband, Pastor Olubi Johson, founded Lifeforte in 1990. Sarah continues to serve as the CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lifeforte International High and Junior Schools. She is also the CEO and Managing Director of Biscordint Travels and Lifeforte Holdings and Investments.

She is the Vice-Chairperson Board of Trustees Elyon Koinonia Estate Developers LimitedLiving Mercy Voice Foundation, a charity organization established by Scripture Pasture Christian Centre and Lifeforte Scholarship Foundation.

Sarah holds a Second Class Honours Upper Division Bachelors degree in English from the University of Jos and a Masters degree in English from the University of Ibadan where she specialized and earned a Ph.D in phonology. Prior to founding Lifeforte, Sarah was a lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Ibadan.

Sarah Olubi Johnson, has made significant contributions to improving educational opportunities for children in Africa and beyond. With over 30 years of experience in education, business and management, her unparalleled success as an educationist and astute businesswoman has earned her several accolades most notably the PSR Woman of Merit Gold Award, Leadership in Nigeria Education Gold Award, Grand Award for Productivity in Africa and a nomination for the TimeNews Development Achievers Merit Gold Award. Sarah was also the guest speaker at the Diamond Bank Plc 22nd Nationwide Business Xpress Seminar.

Under Sarah’s leadership, Lifeforte has grown from a vision into one of the best international schools in Africa with outstanding award-winning students and alumni who are impacting Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

Sarah Olubi Johnson is the author of the popular business book ‘Dare To Dream’


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